Visualizing the “Startup Universe”



Jared Fanning, Creative Director
Giorgia Lupi, Research & UX Lead, Accurat
Valerio Pellegrini, UX Designer, Accurat
Ben Willers, Data & Visual Designer


Used by millions of entrepreneurs, investors, and analysts every day, CrunchBase is the leading platform to discover innovative companies and the people behind them. We were frustrated at the limited ways to access this incredible data set, and wanted to provide a more visual, interactive experience to explore the database.


Where's the money?
Exploring geography

  Who are the top performers?
  Funding rounds and impact

   Where are the relationship?
   Between VCs, startups, and founders


We wanted the interactions to feel fresh, smart, & intuitive versus authoritative or academic. Drawing the eye to the center of the display and moving additional information towards the sides helps keep the reading experience as pleasurable as possible.

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Though I think it’s fair to say the visual design is not timeless, the core principles behind each decision still holds wieght in dealing with design and UX of larger data sets. I also learned how to work with and manage a distributed team that had differing opinions for the design solutions.