From '08-'12 I worked as the Creative Manager at Invesco PowerShares. During my time, I created financial fact sheets, brochures, websites and other marketing material. For two years, I was also part of a global team of 10 that worked with Brown's to bring multiple companies under a common Invesco look and feel. My specific contributions included the charting and data visualization approaches as well as leading the PowerShares branding.

I also had the opportunity to be Creative Director for an ad campaign. I created the concept of the Agent Q character, led the storyboarding for 2 :60 spots, and integration with the production agency. I also created several print advertisements, and oversaw production of a desktop game.

The campaign resulted in press from numerous publications and garnered hundreds of posts, retweets, likes and favorites on social media. The brand's Twitter following skyrocketed, and the campaign enabled PowerShares to further expand awareness of the QQQ fund.