NFL Draft Risk




Jared Fanning, UI & Data Designer
Lee Sherman, Project Lead, Visually
Shanan Delp, VP Product, Bleacher Report



The goal for every NFL team in the first round of the draft is to find their next star, a player who will become the face of the franchise for years to come. But how much does their draft slot affect the probability that they'll find that player? To build excitement and fan engagement around the NFL draft, I worked with Bleacher Report to dig through NFL draft data back to 1980 and created an interactive heat map that explores the level of risk of each draft pick.


Heat map and flow
Does the 12th pick, on average, yield better results than the 9th pick? Are certain teams at a higher risk than others of missing out on a prospect purely based on their draft spot?


The heat map serves for visualizing the information and as the primary UI. When a draft spot is selected, the best/worst players drafted in that spot are shown. The project was built with a mobile-first strategy.

Heat map interface
Sort by draft order or risk

Draft details page
All-time best and worst performers for that spot 

The project generated more than 2 million page views and thousands of social engagements for Bleacher Report.